A day in the life of an offshore oilfield worker

Drilling platform at sunset.
Drilling platform at sunset.
Image by C Morrison from Pixabay

For the majority of the year, my Venn diagram is a single circle.

Spies, knights, and necromancers!

Photo by Ricardo Cruz on Unsplash

Professional and financial advice for my younger self

Photo: Danielle MacInnes/Unsplash

4 weeks, 159 men, and me

Image by wasi1370 from Pixabay

“You never know what you’ll find”

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Life lessons on building relationships and happiness

Photo by willsantt from Pexels

Why you may want to consider an unconventional career to achieve early financial independence

Photo by Clyde Thomas on Unsplash

What airplanes and salad bowls taught me about the impact of small changes

Image by Fuzz from Pixabay

All it took was a global pandemic, a library card, and Bluetooth earbuds.

Photo by Stas Knop from Pexels

Steph Delmont

Book lover, oilfield worker, engineer, and twin.

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